2023 Desk calendar collection


Here’s to 2023 and hoping it’s filled with brightness and color throughout the year! Do you need a unique gift for a friend? Do you want a special calendar to bring color to your desk?  These distinctive desk calendars will remind anyone of the beauty that surrounds us in nature.  Each month has its own calendar grid and unique photograph.  Calendars are 5×7″ and designed to fit in a stand-up acrylic frame that allows viewing the current month and the next month through the front and back of the frame.

FV2023 – Floral calendar

NV2023 – Nature calendar 

Desk calendar pricing:
$25.00   Calendar with stand-up frame
$18.00   Calendar refill only

Sales tax is required for deliveries in Minnesota.

Desk calendar shipping:
$ 5.00     Calendar refill only shipping
$ 9.00     Calendar with frame shipping

Email your order to  Lkstaats@gmail.com