Bicycling and photography

It’s a countdown this week for a big bicycling ride that’s coming up.  We’re planning to do the 35th annual Bike Across Kansas (  For someone who grew up in Kansas, there are so many parts of the state I’ve never seen or been to.   It’s strange, but I’ve explored more of my new-home state of Minnesota than I have of Kansas.  To help remedy this situation, last January we signed up to ride from the western edge of Kansas to the eastern edge — a distance of over 500 miles.  Of course, it was subzero temps and a foot of snow on the ground in January, and June seemed a long time away.  So we dreamed of sunny summer Kansas weather for about 3 months.  Once the snow melted in Minnesota we began our training in earnest.  It’s been a long time planning, but now we’re in the home stretch.  The ride begins on Saturday, June 6th in the west Kansas town of Syracuse,  and concludes 8 days later in Louisburg, at the Missouri border.  It will be a trip of great scenery, new friends, lots of pedaling, and lots of miles.  This trip will, however, be about bicycling and not about photography.  While I will have a camera with me, my main goal is to enjoy the countryside and the experience, and to not obsess about the perfect photographic opportunity and/or scene.  Check back to my blog in a couple of weeks for a report on the ride!

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