Minnesota State Capitol Building

MN State Capitol Building
MN State Capitol Building

This past week I joined the Minneapolis Photographic Society on a field trip in downtown Saint Paul.  The weather was threatening rain and it was quite windy, but a group of about 15-20 photographers braved the elements.  Earlier in the evening we stopped by the Capitol building, photographing it with a dull, gray sky.  The images were documentary, but nothing to draw a viewer into the photo.  As we waited and chatted, the skies got darker and eventually the lights on the building were lit, giving the image a delightful and beautiful glow.  Adding the bright petunias in the foreground gave the image some additional color and interest.  The Capitol Building was designed by local architect Cass Gilbert, and was opened in 1905.  It sits prominently overlooking the city of Saint Paul.

One thought on “Minnesota State Capitol Building

  1. Joan August 2, 2009 / 9:58 pm

    Oh this has just got to be a money-maker! It is off the charts awesome!

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