Fort Snelling Civil War weekend

Staats_Fort Snelling MNI spent a few hours at historic Fort Snelling yesterday during their Civil War Weekend.  The old fort sits high on a bluff where the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers come together.  Originally set up to protect the fur trade in the northern wilderness, it was also used to train the 24,000 Minnesota soldiers who fought in the Civil War as well as the US-Dakota War.  On this weekend the Fort was filled with members of the Living History Society of Minnesota (  This photograph was taken during an infantry demonstration on the parade ground.  It struck a deep chord with me:  through the lens I saw a young boy, accompanied by men of all ages, preparing for war.  I have a dear friend whose daughter is presently in Baghdad.  I also have a friend whose son was recently killed in Iraq, and I can only sympathize with the mothers and fathers who have lost sons and daughters due to war throughout the centuries.  I wish for the safe return of our brave soldiers.

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