Winter’s arrival

We knew it was coming.  We knew it wouldn’t be much longer.  We knew it was inevitable.  But we were enjoying our moderate temperatures and fall-like weather, when all of a sudden winter arrived.  The temperature dropped 30 degrees, the wind blew, and the snow fell.  And it fell, and it fell, until we had over six inches of wet, heavy snow.  Overnight our neighborhood because populated with snowmen & women. 

And with winter’s arrival, I’m reminded that the holidays and the new year are fast approaching.  Please be sure to check out my holidays cards and 2011 desk calendars.  With original and distinctive images, the cards are a memorable way to send your holiday greetings.  And the desk calendars will brighten anyone’s day — a great gift to give, or receive.  The information about both the holiday cards and calendars can be found as separate pages on the top of my blog page at or you can click on the links from my website at  As quickly as the snowpeople appeared in our neighborhood, the holidays will be here!  Don’t be scrambling at the last minute for cards and gifts!

One thought on “Winter’s arrival

  1. joani November 14, 2010 / 11:51 pm

    Neat Frosty for a lack of a better name. The six inches were very white and you and the camera did a great job.

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