Quickly slipping into fall

Just as the calendar shows us passing the autumnal equinox last week, it seems that nature is truly slipping into fall here in Minnesota.  Our nights are getting cooler and the sun is lacking the heat it had even a few weeks ago.  Yesterday morning we got up early to drive south to Wabasha, a town that sits right on the Mississippi River in the heart of the bluff country.  The air was heavy with moisture and we drove through thick fog in places.  As we were going to be helping some friends harvest grapes in their vineyard, we had been hoping for a sunny and warm day.  When we arrived at their home overlooking the Mississippi River Valley we were still in the fog, but I was delighted to be able to divert my attention from the grapes to photographing their gardens.  These fall-colored mums were in full bloom, and upon closer examination I saw that they were laced with the dew of this damp morning.  The fog and low clouds eventually gave way to sunshine and a warm-enough fall day as we worked throughout the morning and afternoon picking grapes.  The time passed quickly with conversation amongst friends, and our fingers and hands became stained and coated with the color and smell of the ripe grapes.  By the time we drove home after a celebratory dinner preceded by a toast to the wine harvest, the clouds had passed and the sky was filled with a full canopy of stars overhead.

One thought on “Quickly slipping into fall

  1. joani September 25, 2011 / 11:05 pm

    The brilliant color of the mum brings in the colors soon of the trees. The intensity of the dew drops are almost texture of the flower. Need to look close. Thought at first it was noise!!! Nicely done…

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