Kansas high school football

This past weekend we journeyed south to Kansas.  My family lives there, and the main intent of our trip was to see my nephew play football.  Tanner is a senior at Paola High School and Friday, October 14th was homecoming night with a football rivalry between the Paola Panthers and the Osawatomie Trojans.  It was a beautiful midwest, late-fall evening.  The crowd of parents, students, and residents gathered early to enjoy tailgating and conversation.  The homecoming presentations were made, stands filled with fans for both teams, the fireworks went off, the teams took the field, and the game began.  Although Osawatomie scored first the tone of the game soon shifted to all Paola.  By the time the full moon was rising in the east and the first half ended Paola was leading 48 to 12.  The final score was Paola 62 and Osawatomie 18.  I’m proud to say my nephew had 116 yards rushing and averaged over 19 yards per carry.  And as Paola also won their game two nights ago they can now look forward to the playoffs.  Congratulations Tanner, and go Paola!

One thought on “Kansas high school football

  1. Linda Yoo October 24, 2011 / 9:52 am

    That is so cool that you got the moon over the field.

    Hope your Mom is doing better…

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