On the road

We were recently in western Wisconsin on a gray and dreary evening.  The weather had threatened rain all afternoon and as dusk was approaching the skies became even darker and gloomier.  I was wandering the countryside which is dotted with dairy farms.  I had expected this area to be flat but the landscape was filled with rolling hills that gave an interesting depth to the vistas.  I turned the corner onto this road and loved the view ahead.  Here was a recently paved county road that undulated up and down as it slowly rose to the gray horizon ahead.  Seeing the elevation change and all those ups and downs reminded me that eastern Kansas is not as flat as many people presume, and soon we will be bicycling on rolling hills similar to this one.  My hope is that all the training miles we’ve put in will pay off in a delightful and rewarding bike ride through all the variety of landscapes that Kansas offers up to us.

One thought on “On the road

  1. joani June 10, 2012 / 10:16 pm

    God’s country.

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