Holiday cards and calendars

Winter daybreak through the trees_StaatsOne of the lessons I’ve learned from the two recent deaths in my family is the importance of a written card.  I received many hand-written cards expressing sympathy and caring, sharing wonderful stories of my father and my sister-in-law, and offers of help to me and my family in so many different ways.  I have treasured and kept all these cards.  Now the calendar page turns to December with its upcoming holidays, and I’d like to remind people of the joy of receiving a special holiday card in the mail.  A unique card with a personal message inside will make someone’s day and brighten their holidays knowing you took the time to think of them and write to them.  For the previous nine years and again this year,  I am offering a line of holiday cards and desk calendars.  You will find the links to this year’s offerings on my blog and through my website.  Please browse and enjoy, order if you would like, but most importantly please remember how special it is to receive a wonderful card in the mail from a friend who’s taken the time to remember you.
Holiday cards can be found here:
Desk calendars can be found here:

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