Leo the cat 10532_StaatsSome friends have been away for the weekend and asked me to take care of their cat.  Leo is a big fluffy guy, all of two years old.  He’s been welcoming to me every time I’ve walked in the house, anxious for my attention and wanting to play.  With all the toys he has, he seemed to really like my sandals (probably because they were something different and they were full of the outdoor smells of grass).  He’s not one to sit still for very long, so it was a challenge for me to photograph him.  As any pet photographer knows, you need a fast lens and a lot of patience to capture a compelling image (as well as being down on their level rather than photographing from above).  I especially like this image of Leo as I think it captures his curiosity and his alertness.  Of course in the next split-second after I pressed the shutter button, he jumped down to the floor and was off to his next adventure.

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