Grape harvest, part 2

Yesterday was part 2 of our 2010 grape harvest experience.  For the past few years we’ve helped some friends who live on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River harvest their acre of grapes.  This is certainly a much larger operation than our one concord grape-vine!   Six of us worked most of the day, stopping only for lunch, and made good progress.  It’s delightful to work amongst beautiful scenery, with good conversation and good laughter.  Certainly makes the harvest much more enjoyable and fun.  We spent the day harvesting frontenac gris, although we were treated to tastes of all the varieties of grapes our friends are growing.  The alpenglow grapes that are pictured here are a beautiful shade of soft yellow/green, that develop a light blush as they ripen.  I can attest to their most wonderfully sweet and juicy flavor.  After the sun had set and we had been in the vineyard all day, we retreated inside to a delightful meal and were able to lift our glasses to toast this year’s harvest with a glass of wine from last year’s harvest.