A different way of seeing in the snow

Snow tracks & light pole 70564_StaatsOne of the pluses to photographing in the snow is it allows you to see things in a much different way.  My primary photographic influence is color – the hues, the saturations, the play of one color off another.  But when the landscape is covered in snow I find my eyes “see” differently.  The abstract becomes much more visual for me.  I was especially caught by this scene.  Here was a light post by the side of a street.  The street had tire tracks in the snow creating the horizontal patterns.  The light pole was the vertical cross-pattern to the tire tracks.  But then there was this wonderful swirl and curve that was created by the blowing snow all around the base of the light post.  All the visuals seemed to play off each other in what would normally be a rather nondescript scene.