Resting up for Christmas

Winter arrived in the Twin Cities this past week when seven inches of snow came blowing in on 20 mph winds.  The temperatures dropped and the snow fell.  It had us all remembering how to drive in snow and slush, how to shovel our walks and drives without hurting our backs, and it sent us scurrying to find our winter clothes and toys.  The sleds, skies, and snowshoes all came out of the closet this past week in a flurry of snowy activity.  However…there were some creatures that were found to be resting up for future activities.  The reindeer know that their big night is coming up in a couple of weeks, and although the snow is here there is much preparation that needs to be done.  Food must be eaten to gain strength, and rest is essential in order to have the energy to deliver Santa around the globe on his yearly mission.  And so this reindeer is doing when needs to be done, knowing that the upcoming job is a big one, and Santa is relying on each reindeer to be in top physical and mental shape.