The color white

White rose 12131_StaatsThe color white evokes so many feelings and emotions.  For those on the east coast, white is the color of the snow that has enveloped their area.  For brides it is the color of newness and purity.  For funerals it is the color of new life and light.  As we celebrated the life of a family member recently departed, we were surrounded by flowers and plants of many colors and scents.  The white roses seemed to be strong and yet tender all at the same time.  A symbol of hope and love, circling around and around as the petals unfold from the bud.

Colors of summer

I’ve been thinking of how best to depict summer in one image.  There are so many adventures and activities that we associate with summer, but how can one summarize those all in one photographic image?  To me, this photo brings together the colors of summer — the bluest of warm-weather skies, the white puffy clouds that grace the heavens, the green of all the abundant growth that takes place during the season, and the golden-yellow of the sun and the flowers and the warmth that accompanies summer.   My second photography instructor (and my favorite — thank you Karyl!) had a saying that I have always remembered when photographing — “isolate to simplify.”  To me this image represents the essence of that phrase, pulling all my feelings of summer into three elements and one simple representation.