Dawn on the Mississippi River

MS River dawn Winona MN 51034_StaatsWe spent some time this past weekend driving south along the Mississippi River.  On a beautiful fall day we drove to Wabasha and helped some friends with their grape harvest.  With the warm sun, the smell of grapes on our hands, beautiful scenery, and good friends and conversation we picked Marquette grapes for about seven hours.  After a delicious dinner-feast (coupled with the best wine!), we drove further south to Winona and spent the night.  I got out of bed early, anxious to explore a town I hadn’t been to before.  As the sun rose on a beautiful morning, the old bridge crossing the Mississippi River was silhouetted against the clouds that were streaming across the sky.  After a couple of hours the clouds increased, the sun disappeared, the wind came up, and it started to rain.  Luckily we had indoor activities planned – a visit to the Minnesota Marine Art Museum (a hidden gem, worth a good 2+ hour visit) and the National Eagle Center in Wabasha.  It was a busy weekend, but one filled with new sights, good conversation, great company, and new adventures.

One thought on “Dawn on the Mississippi River

  1. melinda September 28, 2009 / 1:16 pm

    Have not looked at your blog before 😦 My bad!
    Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! The bridge pic is sooooo pretty. I can hear it in my brain.

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