Exhibits, awards and publications

This past Friday night was the opening reception for the 4th annual Horizontal Grandeur fine art exhibition at the Stevens County Historical Museum in Morris, Minnesota.  The exhibit brought together artists from across the country, all living in states with prairies.  Inspired by Bill Holm’s essay, “Horizontal Grandeur,” there were inspiring and wonderful interpretations of  the prairie theme.  I was honored to have two of my photographs juried into this show.  This image, “Dawn’s first light on the prairie” was photographed while I was an artist-in-residence at  the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site in West Branch, Iowa.  My second photograph in the exhibit is the image from my April 11, 2010 blog entry “Pasque flower welcome to spring.”  For a complete viewing of the pieces in the exhibit, please visit the website for the Stevens County Historical Museum at www.stevenshistorymuseum.com.

Here in the Twin Cities I’m a member of the Minneapolis Photographic Society — a group of wonderfully talented photographers with diverse interests.  Each year there is one image that is selected as Color Print of the Year and one that is selected as Monochrome Print of the Year.  This year I was awarded the Color Print of the Year for my image “Through the red barn window.”    To see more of the award-winning images from the group, please visit the website:  http://www.mplsphoto.com/mps/site/a28yearend.php

And lastly, I am excited to have a photograph published in the July/August issue of  “The Iowan Magazine.”  This image “Swept into the center” is the opening spread of the portfolio section titled “red.white.blue.”

It’s been a busy and exciting few months, and I feel honored with these exhibits, awards, and publications.

4 thoughts on “Exhibits, awards and publications

  1. 1writersdevotion July 11, 2010 / 8:48 pm

    Exemplary photography as art. Thank you for these images.

  2. Beth July 12, 2010 / 6:48 am

    You deserve all the awards and praise for your work that is coming your way! Keep the camera clicking!!

  3. Linda Yoo July 12, 2010 / 11:03 am

    Excellent–How nice to be recognized..

    Life is good…
    Late leaving Seattle (Monday)
    See you soon!


  4. Joani July 12, 2010 / 11:21 am

    All images bring much joy. You are teriffic in the art of imaging. Stay with it. One of my relatives lives in Morris.

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