Sometimes the best is in your backyard

Now that fall is here in its most full splendor I’ve been on the roads looking for fall color.  Last week we were in Wisconsin, and this past weekend we were in western and central Minnesota.  This is a fabulous year for the colors.  The temperatures and moisture have certainly been prime for producing a grand spectrum of rich shades of red, yellow, orange, and gold.  And yet just this morning I made this image in our backyard.  There is a lovely ivy that graces the fence and trellis in our side yard.  I’ve been watching the colors progress this past week and a half.  In some areas the color is all a rich rust or maroon, and in others it’s a yellow or gold.  But as I walked along the fence this morning I spotted this area which had a delightful array of all the colors.  And in the early morning light it was positively glowing!  So I will continue to look for the colors of fall in the parks and roads of Minnesota and Wisconsin, but I will also make sure to stop and admire, appreciate, and photograph what is presented to me in my own backyard.

One thought on “Sometimes the best is in your backyard

  1. joani October 11, 2010 / 12:14 am

    The backyard is a poor image makers photo spot. But sooooooo good. Thanks for the reminder. Good show. Good colors and good shooting.

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