Savoring summer

Although Minnesota is known as the land of 10,000 lakes that is actually quite modest as there are thousands more.  The advantage for those of us in urban areas in the state is that we are never very far from a wonderful lake.  Within a 10-mile radius of our home are a dozen plus lakes to enjoy.  On a calm summer’s evening earlier this week, we launched our canoe for a leisurely paddle.  We took along a light dinner to enjoy, a transistor radio to listen to the baseball game, and good attitudes to relax and appreciate the beauty of summer in Minnesota.  The colors of the sky and sunset reflected in the quiet waters of the lake.  In this photo you can see the power lines and electrical towers of the city, but you can’t see the interstate highway that is just on the other side of the far tree line.  On this evening there was no noise audible from the traffic, and we were serenaded by the call of a loon that was residing somewhere on the lake.  Except for the power lines, we could have easily been miles away from our urban life.  We were out on the lake for only a couple of hours but this short respite from the hustle and bustle, the noise and cacophony of the city life was a wonderful way to appreciate and savor the best of the summer season.

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