Diamonds on the lake

Diamonds on the lake_StaatsAn early morning fishing trip was a no-brainer this morning.  The last few days have been clear, warm, and no humidity.  We left the house early enough that the air was still brisk from dropping into the 50’s overnight.  As we motored onto the lake I was reminded again of the beauty of the morning.  It was then I saw the diamonds sparkling on the lake — the sun’s reflection in the water and waves.  So many times I admire it, but this morning I decided to photograph it.  The random patterns and the twinkling stars shimmered across the water.  Those of you that have spent time on a lake or a river will recognize this, and I trust it will bring back wonderful memories.

One thought on “Diamonds on the lake

  1. Jim Moskowitz September 8, 2014 / 12:24 am

    Linda, as the discoverer of a new constilation what would name it?

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