Echoes in a school hallway

Schoolhall lights_Staats115754_077RWe recently stopped at an elementary school to enjoy a delicious Boy Scout fund-raising breakfast.  After filling up on pancakes and sausage we wandered the hallways.  I was struck by the beauty of the old windows.  The wax on the floors reflected the light coming through the multi-colored panes of glass giving them a wonderful ripple as the colors spread down the hallway.  And there was an elegant simplicity to the old light fixture hanging above.  The scene seemed to echo with a strange sound, aching to be filled with the laughter of grade school children running up the stairs, pushing to get in line, and the anticipation of classes.  I wondered how many children have returned to the school as adults to marvel at the beauty that they either took for granted when they attended classes or more likely didn’t notice in the excitement and fun of being children.

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