Another sighting of spring

Duckling_Staats 9497Spring has blossomed quickly in the Twin Cities.  Leaves have budded and opened, the grass is green, tulips are in bloom, people are out and about working in their yards and soaking up the sunshine.  We even have been serenaded by the returning sound of lawn mowers.  I happened upon another spring sighting yesterday when I saw a mother duck with her nine ducklings at a small pond.  As she sat on the shoreline, a couple of the ducklings ventured far and wide in the pond, darting right and then left, snapping up bugs wherever they found them.  Their erratic behavior made them a photographic challenge, but I found myself smiling and enjoying their playfulness and energy.

One thought on “Another sighting of spring

  1. JO May 3, 2015 / 11:01 am

    Excellent design and topic. This cheery one is for the calendar. Happy Spring in God’s country.

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