Kansas Flint Hills

KS Flint Hills at sunset_Staats 13167There is a section of central Kansas known as the Flint Hills.  This area is the last large expanse of tallgrass prairie in the country.  During the westward expansion in the 1800’s, the settlers found the land was not good for their traditional crops because of the outcroppings of limestone and flint.  Cattle ranching became the main agricultural activity, so the land was not ploughed over and remained intact.  Due to the abundant rainfall the past few months, everything is wonderfully green.  The hills undulate and roll slowly across the countryside, and at sunset they take on a golden hue.  It is an area where the horizon is a long way off, and one can revel in the beauty of the expanse in an almost 360 degree vista.

One thought on “Kansas Flint Hills

  1. Dave Shores May 30, 2016 / 9:46 am

    Very nice landscape. The “bent” fence post seems to be a bit discordant compared to be “perfection” of the rest of the picture; which is not a bad thing. I can recommend Arizona and especially Utah to you for fabulous landscape opportunities. See some of my pictures in – das-photos.smugmug.com ; especially “Desert Scenes – 2016”.

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