Ride the slide at the MN State Fair

Summer’s official closing party took place this past Labor Day as the Minnesota State Fair came to its conclusion.  I spent the final day of the fair with 170,000+ of my new friends enjoying the perfect weather, the food, the animals, the rides, the entertainment, and the people watching.  One of the oldest rides, and in my opinion one of the simplest rides, is the Giant Slide.  Climb up the stairs, sit on a mat, and slide all the way down to the bottom.  No flashing lights, no blaring music, no mechanical anything; it’s simple, it’s fun, and attracts people of all ages.  It’s a chance for adults to be kids again and for kids to be amazed at the adults around them having fun!  This cutout was meant for someone to put their face in, but it became the perfect frame for all the fun and laughter that was going on behind it on the Giant Slide.  Wheeeeeeeee!

2 thoughts on “Ride the slide at the MN State Fair

  1. Rex Hamann September 10, 2017 / 11:09 am

    You just may have sold me on going next year…you’ll be remembering that “Wheeeee” for the next 360 days…..

    • lindastaatsphoto September 14, 2017 / 11:52 am

      Hope you do go next year, Rex – it’s an experience that everyone should enjoy sometime. And the MN State Fair is so large there is truly something for everyone. Now, if we can keep that summer “wheeeeeeeeeeeee” feeling all the way through winter????

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