First hints of fall

We’re quickly slipping from late summer into fall in the upper Midwest, and sometimes it seems like it’s changing overnight.  We knew it was coming, but we’re never quite ready for the drop from temperatures in the 80’s to the 50’s all in the same week.  Last week I was exploring some new Wisconsin hiking trails with a dear friend.  We encountered forests of green, trails covered with colored leaves already fallen, rain, more rain, and some spots of lovely fall colors.  This scene along the Brule River was one of the areas that was further along with the change in colors.  The next few weeks will probably bring our peak fall colors — a wonderful time to be out in nature!

2 thoughts on “First hints of fall

  1. thecedarjournal September 28, 2018 / 1:31 am

    Ahhhh fall in MN and WI. I can almost smell the moist fallen leaves as they litter the ground in the rain. Thanks for sharing.

    • lindastaatsphoto September 28, 2018 / 7:45 am

      It’s a beautiful time of year for sure. Glad you can enjoy those smells!

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