The hope of spring

Springtime – a season of change, a season of hope, and a season of color.  I’ve always looked forward to spring and its warmth and beauty.  In Minnesota spring seems to condense and then open up all in a small time period.  It’s as if you can literally watch the grass become green and the leaves pop out from the buds on the trees.  Everything draws deep into the color palettes as Mother Nature wakes up from winter.  One of my favorite flowers are tulips with all their styles and hues, colors and textures.  They are the precursor to the abundance of late spring and summer and all the rich colors that follow.  On a dreary day they can be the one bright spot in the garden.  And on a sunny day they glow as their colors are set off by the warmth and brilliance of the sun.

3 thoughts on “The hope of spring

  1. The Cedar Journal April 29, 2020 / 3:02 pm

    I am so lucky to live in the land of tulips. But, coming from MN when those tulips have survived the harsh winter and possibly the hungry deer population to shed the winter doldrums at last they are the best! Love this tulip portrait!

    • lindastaatsphoto April 29, 2020 / 3:08 pm

      You are lucky for sure! And yes, the deer (and the rabbits and squirrels too) can certainly be a nuisance with almost anything coming up through the ground. Guess it just makes us appreciate them even more. Thanks!

      • The Cedar Journal April 29, 2020 / 3:15 pm

        I mixed the tulips in with my daffodils one year when I still owned my house in MN trying to our smart the wildlife and in hopes of making my Dutch tulips feel at home in my yard. I sadly did not out smart the deer who ate between the daffodils all my tulips and licked their lips as I watch from my porch in horror! Smart them deer and they knew they really liked my good Dutch tulips! Nothing like foreign food in rural MN for free.😬

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