Bel Air red and gold

For the past 39 years the Minnesota Street Rod Association has held its Back to the 50’s Weekend here in Saint Paul.  What started with just a few friends has now grown to over 13,000 members worldwide.  For three days our neighborhood by the state fairgrounds has been graced with the most beautiful classic cars cruising down the streets.  This weekend brought more than 11,000 custom cars, street rods, and classics that all date from 1964 and before; there was certainly something to excite everyone.  I spent a few hours walking the streets today and admiring the cars.  On a sunny and warm day the brilliant paint all buffed to a shine was picking up reflections from all around.  This wonderful rear fin on a red Bel Air was reflecting the golden colors of the car just next to it.  Instantly this whole panel came alive in brightness.  It would have been impossible to not smile at these colors of summer so beautifully displayed.