The art of summer

The other night I came home and found a purple pail sitting by the sidewalk steps.  It’s not something that’s usually there but when I peered inside I saw it was full of big pieces of colored chalk.  I didn’t think much of it until later in the evening when I saw two of the neighborhood girls drawing hopscotch squares on the sidewalk.  Again, I didn’t think much of it….until the next morning.  As I headed out the door for an early morning walk I was thrilled to find that the entire sidewalk on our block had been covered with artwork.  These industrious young girls had taken their chalk and drawn a meandering path the length of the block and had numbered each square.  In some sections the blocks have different shapes and are sometimes side by side.  But each and every block is numbered, starting at #1 and ending at #600.  I was delighted to see such creative artwork right at our front steps!  Although many of us adults wouldn’t think to do what these girls did, they certainly enjoyed this project.  It made me think back to the summers of my childhood when I spent countless hours on my bicycle, afternoons spent at the swimming pool in our neighborhood, or the days spent tying together the white flowers from the clover to make a clover chain that stretched from my house to my girlfriend’s house.  I flourished and grew up in those summers, and only now appreciate them for all the experiences I’ve carried with me into my adulthood.  So to these neighborhood girls I say “thanks – you’ve shared a child’s joy of summer and art with our entire neighborhood.”