Foxtail barley

Anytime I am in my car my eyes are scanning the scenery and landscape.  As I’ve been driving to work this past week I’ve been watching the foxtail barley grasses maturing.   Because these grasses grow  along the sides of the highways and roads and in the medians, there’s a small window of opportunity to photograph them.   Once they get tall enough they are mowed down so as not to impair the sight lines of the drivers.  This evening I was fortunate to beat the mowers and had a delightful (and eventful) time of photographing these soft and reflective grasses.  What you don’t see in this photo is the state highway just on the horizon behind the foxtail barley.  Evidently as someone was driving by they must have noticed me sitting on the ground and worried that something was amiss.  The next thing I knew I heard sirens and an EMT was pulling up by the side of the road wanting to know if I was okay.  After I assured them I was fine and explained that I was photographing they were on their way.  It is nice to know that there are caring people here in Minnesota.