The greening of spring into summer

The seasons move quickly from spring into summer and this year seems to have moved faster than normal.  Everything has turned to a beautiful bright green — the color of new growth, late spring, and early summer.  We’ve had enough rain to keep things fresh and the heat hasn’t set in yet.  This graceful fern was backlit in the garden, accentuating each leaf and its lovely color.  Its beauty was stunning, and I also know it will be fleeting as the green will become darker and not nearly as bright.  It’s a reminder to me to appreciate the season and the time we’re in now as it changes ever-so-quickly and what we see today will not be the same tomorrow.

Spring green

Within a one-week span, spring has arrived and broken through the late-winter doldrums.  Warmer temps and an afternoon of rain followed by clear sunshine has brought a burst of green all around.  The lawns have quickly changed from brown to green, blooming daffodils have been spotted in the neighborhood, accompanied by colorful crocus, and leaves are starting to be visible against the blue skies.  Our lilac bush has opened its lovely light green leaves to the warmth of spring.  Everything seems to be about two weeks ahead of schedule, yet no one is complaining.  Even the smell of green and spring is noticeable and welcome in the air this first week of April.