Kilian Donahue clematis

We have had an unusually wet spring with over nine inches of rain during the month of May alone.  Although that has been a challenge in trying to schedule training miles for our upcoming bicycle ride,  one of the wonderful benefits of all the moisture is that our vegetation and yards are gorgeously green and verdant.  We’re fortunate to have a large variety of clematis gracing our yard, and this has to be one of the very best years to enjoy their beautiful blooms.  Our Kilian Donahue clematis is in full bloom – lush with blossoms.  The blooms of this particular clematis actually change colors from a light pink to a deep fuchsia to a pale lavender.  It is a treat to be in the yard and see all the clematis colors, from the pinks to the purples, the reds, the whites, and the palest of lavenders.