A quiet dusk at Lake Como

One of the constants of the weather in Minnesota is the wind.  We seem to attract the winds from all four directions, whether it’s a northern clipper coming down from Canada, a warm tropical surge coming from the Gulf Coast to the south, a wintry mix blowing across the northern Rockies from the west, or a wrap-around wind that skirts Lake Superior to the east.  So when the air is calm and still it is most noticeable, and so it was one recent evening.  A good friend (and wonderful photography scout) of mine was driving around Lake Como and noticed that the lake surface was as smooth as glass.  I packed up my camera and headed over to the lake.  The sky was filled with dark gray and blue clouds although there was a thin line of clearing to the south.  I headed to a small bay where I knew I could include the pink clearing in my photo.  As I walked up to the shoreline I found a flock of wood ducks who were not overly pleased that I was coming to their area.  Their swimming out into the lake created a bit of water movement in the bay — just enough to blur the beautiful reflection that I was seeing in the water.  It wasn’t until I got home and was looking at the photos on my computer that I saw the effect of their movement, and although subtle, I liked the end-result.