A burst of clematis blooms

All within a few days the clematis have burst forth.  A delicate pale yellow bloom with a yellow center, this lemon chiffon clematis has climbed up the trellis and  bloomed all at once.  The cooler temperatures and bright sunshine of the past week coaxed the buds to open in profusion.  Soon the other clematis will follow, but it will be hard to top the beauty and fullness of this one.

Clematis in bloom

Lemon chiffon clematis_13215 StaatsLike the anticipation of spring, the same is true of the clematis bloom.  They grow in spurts as the weather warms, the buds form, and they burst into bloom almost over night.  The anticipation is part of the joy, because their bloom doesn’t last long.  The heat, the wind, the rain – any of those will take the delicate petals off the vine.  This Lemon Chiffon clematis bloomed this past week with a plethora of blossoms and a light scent that filled the air.  Within the week, the rain and wind took the blossoms, scattering them on the ground.  Like so many things, their beauty is short but is meant to be appreciated even more because of that.