An amazing and beautiful Twin Cities garden

Last year I had the most delightful opportunity to photograph a Twin Cities garden that was brimming with iris, hostas, peonies, and other flowers and plants.  Patti and Lloyd Weber put all their love of gardening into their yard and garden beds, and the end result is a delightful respite of color and beauty.  With numerous gardens throughout their yard it was a challenge as a photographer to capture each one.  The “Parents and Grandparents Garden” has shrubs and flowers that have been passed down through the families, or ones they remember their relatives tending.  The “Grandchildrens Garden” has round stepping-stones with each child’s footprint and name.  The “Fairy Garden” is a delightful miniature garden with a sign reminding one to “Believe.”  There’s even a “Hosta Hospital” where Lloyd cares for those plants needing a bit more TLC before going back into the main gardens.  Everywhere I looked there was something to catch and delight my eye and cause me to slow down and capture the photograph.  I visited the Webers many times last year and each time there was something new to see and photograph.  It was a challenge to narrow down my submission images for the feature article that has just been published in the May/June issue of Northern Gardener Magazine.  The iris on the cover shown here is “Orangutan Orange” and is one of over 100 different iris that grace their gardens.  If you’re in the Minnesota area pick up a copy of the magazine and enjoy the beauty of the Webers’ gardens, their personalities, and their passions that are featured in the article.  Northern Gardener Magazine is published by the Minnesota State Horticultural Society.  For more information, please check their website at

On the cover

I am excited to share with you the cover of the November/December 2010 issue of Northern Gardener Magazine.  This is a publication of the Minnesota State Horticultural Society, and is crammed full of information for those of us living and gardening with the weather extremes in the USDA plant hardy Zones 3, 4, and 5.  I am thrilled that they chose one of my photographs for their magazine cover.  This image was taken on a morning last February when we awoke to a beautiful coating of hoarfrost covering our trees and plants.  The white ice crystals clung to each stem and seedhead, accentuating their beauty and impermanence.  For those of you that might be interested in Northern Gardener Magazine and/or the Minnesota State Horticultural Society, please check their website at