Morning snowfall

As with most of the country, this past week has brought a potpourri of weather.  We had warm enough temperatures one day to prompt rain (and a lot of it — the most we’ve had in one day since last July).  But the temperature dropped that night, the rain turned to sleet and the puddles turned to ice.  At some time it turned over to snow, coating the ice-covered trees and streets.  In the morning I ventured to the golf course at Como Park.  The precipitation had once again changed over to a stinging sleet that was only sharpened by the brisk winds.  It was ironically peaceful being the only person out at that time of the morning.  The ice and snow had freshened and renewed our wintry landscape once again, dashing any hopes that spring was imminent.  But the beauty and the simplicity of the scenery was abundant.  Even this fence that was once upright and surrounding the green took on its own sense of rhythm, pattern, and repetition coated in snow.    I wandered and photographed for a while until I could hear the wind starting to break off the ice-coated branches of the trees, and erring on the side of caution it seemed the appropriate time to head home.