Unlikely photographic subjects

Dill at sunset_StaatsLike many photographers I often head out of the house with an idea of what I’m planning to photograph, or at least an idea of what I might find.  The other evening I wandered over to the horticultural gardens at the University of Minnesota.  There is a wonderful display of flowers, trees, shrubs, herbs, and vegetables.  No matter which season or what time of the year I go to the gardens, I am almost always guaranteed to find something of interest.  I had spent close to an hour photographing various flowers.  As the sun was getting lower in the sky and the light was fading I decided to pack up and head home.  I passed through the flower gardens and then through the vegetable gardens, but something caught my eye.  The dill plants were glowing in the evening light.  And as I passed, they didn’t look anything like the herb I was accustomed to seeing.  With the sun setting behind them they took on an ethereal quality – something so delicate and lovely.  I spent the next 15 minutes racing with the fading sun to make the photographic images that were delighting my eyes and senses.  I certainly hadn’t planned to photograph any herbs, but this was a wonderful surprise.