Valentine roses

Valentine rose_Staats 12479Today is Valentine’s Day – a day to celebrate love, friendship, and all things red and chocolate.  I was the lucky recipient of a dozen long-stemmed red roses.  Not only are they a treat to look at and smell, but I also get the privilege of truly admiring them and photographing them.  I am amazed at the layers upon layers of delicate petals that spiral outward – all slowly opening with the light and heat in the house.  At the days go by, the shade and coloring of the roses will change, as will their wonderful scent.  For now, they are gradually unfolding and revealing their beauty and delicacy.

A day set aside for love


A day set aside to honor love – how simple, and yet how wonderful.  May your upcoming week include a recognition and an appreciation for the love that surrounds you, whether it be from a spouse, a lover, a child, a parent, a friend, a pet, a good book, a favorite place and/or past-time, or the love of self.  Happy Valentine’s Day!