Water abstract

There’s something very simple and abstract to an image when you remove the surrounding landscape.  Lines become more pronounced.  Colors, or the lack of colors in some areas, takes on a different significance.  This scene caught my eye when we were out boating.  The golds and greens at the top of the image are the reflection of the far side of the lake as the late evening sun is illuminating it.  Some of the water ripples pick up those colors too.  The lines of the wake are interrupted by the lily pads which are now starting to appear throughout the lake; they contribute their own tension to the image.  And the entire photo shifts from the warmth of the sun-lit trees to the cool blues and whites of the reflected sky.  It’s truly an abstract image yet it pulls together all the things we cherish about summer in the North.

Water and sky

Staats_Clouds & water Bald Eagle Lake 50600One of the joys of living in the upper Midwest is the ability to see “forever.”  The sky is large and the vistas can go on forever.  And in Minnesota (land of 10,000+ lakes), we have the wonderful opportunity to see the sky reflected in our beautiful lakes.  Last week we put our canoe in one of the local lakes.  It had been a day of thunderstorms and rain, but the clouds seemed to part and go around the lake.   A warm summer’s evening, a bit of dinner, and a paddle on the lake is a great way to relax.  Then add to that a beautiful sky, and summer is wonderful!