Savoring the winter sunset

Savoring the winter sunset 0028_StaatsMinnesotans are happy that we are having a winter!  The temperatures have remained below freezing and we couldn’t be happier!  Yes, it may sound strange to those living in warmer and more temperate climates that we’re glad it’s cold, but with this more “normal” winter weather we can get out and enjoy the activities that make winter memorable.  The neighborhood ice rinks have hockey games at night, the skating rinks are filled with graceful skaters and those that aspire to their grace.  The golf courses are filled with cross-country skiers and snowshoers, and our lakes are open for fishing again.  All it takes is a trip out onto the ice, either on foot or by car or truck (if the ice is thick enough), something to drill a hole in the ice, a line to drop through the hole, and the patience and luck to be successful.  And last night there was a plethora of hopeful people outside ice fishing on a nearby lake.  It also helped that there was a winter sunset that put on a beautiful display, as if beckoning us out to savor the winter weather and this sunset.

4 thoughts on “Savoring the winter sunset

  1. joani January 6, 2013 / 3:55 pm

    Mmmmmm wonder what kind of luck the angler had. Feet warm with the shopacs. A good image and a good story……..

    • lindastaatsphoto January 8, 2013 / 7:20 am

      Don’t know what luck he had, but he did have one of the coolest hats I’ve ever seen. His father trapped a red fox and made the hat for him – thick and warm!

  2. Linda January 6, 2013 / 5:07 pm

    Gorgeous sky!

    • lindastaatsphoto January 8, 2013 / 7:19 am

      It was one of those skies that was brilliant for a short period of time, then faded almost instantly. Made me happy to be there to enjoy its brief flame. Thanks, Linda!

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