Sunset on the lake

Mille Lacs Lake sunset 7D 1933_StaasWe were lucky to have family from Kansas visiting us in Minnesota this past weekend.  Knowing that they are all avid fishermen we decided to share some of the wonderful lake fishing we have in our state of 10,000+ lakes.  Yesterday started with some (successful) Northern Pike fishing on a small lake near the Twin Cities.  Then we headed north for an evening launch on Mille Lacs Lake.  After a day of clouds and overcast skies and even a few raindrops, we were hopeful our trip on the big lake would not be rained out.  As luck would have it, the clouds parted and  we enjoyed some sun, blue skies, and a wonderful sunset over the lake.  As luck would not have it, our fishing success was somewhat limited; one perch, and a couple of walleye that were too big to keep.  But we did keep the experience of a shared night of fun, laughter, a beautiful sunset, and the camaraderie of family and friends.  Thanks to them all for a memorable weekend!

One thought on “Sunset on the lake

  1. Joani June 23, 2013 / 7:22 pm

    Looks like a good time. Reeeealy good time. Wasn’t aware of the size limit on walleyes. Reflection gives peace to the event and the sun gives me the feeling of a full day.

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