A fresh snowfall

Ready for skiing_Staats-2We awoke yesterday morning to a fresh coating of snow – about four plus inches.  And while it was still snowing, the forecast was for quickly clearing skies.  I bundled up and headed over to Como Park.  Arriving before dawn, there was already activity all around.  The skiers were out on the golf course enjoying the open spaces, and the groomer was methodically going around the course near the ski hill laying the tracks.  As the sun made its way above the low-lying clouds, it caused the shadows to pick up the patterns of the track – line after line after line.  Just a few minutes after I made this photo, a group of skiers swooshed past me and down the hill, smiling and chatting and commenting how lucky they were to have such a glorious morning to be out and about.

2 thoughts on “A fresh snowfall

  1. Melinda January 19, 2014 / 10:44 am

    Beautiful to see this before looking out on our gray day in WA
    The photo reminds me of your train tracks in the moonlight

  2. Joani January 19, 2014 / 3:20 pm

    You are lucky to live in that great open space. The tracks remind me of
    Carver Co Park when we did tis type of grooming after the snow. Last trip to the Mtn I had snow. I think it was just before Christmas. Stopped at Longmeire as for time and no chains!!!!!! Gorgeous and fresh air…..Mmmmmmmm

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