Coping with winter

Flamingos in the snow_StaatsOur long winter is continuing with more sub-zero temperatures and more snow.  Just when we thought it was safe to put away the heavy coats and boots, another ten inches of white snow comes falling down.  As we wake up to -14 degrees this morning, and look at a predicted high of -1 for this afternoon, we are all trying to find our sense of hope and humor.  The other day this lovely pink & white scene caught my eye as I rounded a corner.  I really loved the snow resting on the backs of the flamingos, and the ones with their hands in the snow (maybe they know something we haven’t picked up on yet?).  Eventually spring will come, the snow will melt, and we will see the ground again.  Until that time, we’ll look for a warmer forecast and try to keep our optimism and humor.

One thought on “Coping with winter

  1. Joani March 2, 2014 / 3:39 pm

    Must be in one of the crazy Norwegians yard……….A snowbird who returns and can’t leave the flamingos in the south?

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