Pivot sunset

Pivot sunset 5748 49_StaatsMy intention was to photograph the full moonrise, yet sometimes the best intentions don’t work out — as was the case when a layer of clouds hovered on the horizon to the east.  After this change of plans, I decided to concentrate on the sunset that was about to take place to the west.  We were south of the Twin Cities by 35 miles, but we were in the heart of an agricultural area.  Minnesota farmers have been late getting their crops into the ground this year because of the rain, but it was good to see the corn pushing up.  The pivot outlined the hillside in the distance, and the sun set to the side of the silos, glowing brilliantly before slipping past the horizon.  Sometimes a change of plans creates new opportunities.  (PS – On this Fathers’s Day, a thanks to my dad for nurturing my sense of adventure and optimism.  Miss you, Dad!)

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