Vacation for the spirit

Burns Lake sunset_StaatsWe’ve just returned from a most relaxing and refreshing vacation.  A mere four hours north, in the land of lakes and pines, is a sure spot to restore one’s spirit.  The Minnesota north woods were calling us, and we were not disappointed.  The weather was perfect with highs in the 70’s and lows in the 40’s.  I photographed six beautiful (and equally different) sunsets, one full moonrise, three peaceful sunrises, and many adventures in between.  We caught more than our share of bass, crappies, and sunfish.  We canoed over an aqua-marine lake, and hiked through the woods.  And during all of these we were accompanied by the sounds of the loons – a haunting yet wonderful call.  Without the distractions of television, radio, news, and city-life we quickly decompressed into a life of quiet and simple pleasures, relaxation, and the appreciation of the beauty and wonder of this area of Minnesota.

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