Scents of the late spring garden

Mock Orange_Staats-9971Our warm sunny weather turned to mist and clouds yesterday morning, reminding me of my days living in the Pacific Northwest.  The dampness of the mist and rain held all the wonderful scents of late spring in the air.  I wandered our yard, enjoying the smells of the peonies and roses.  As I rounded a corner, I got a hint of orange.  Our mock orange bush has been flush with blossoms and is nearing the end of its bloom.  Although its colors aren’t as bright and showy as the peonies and roses, the white glimmered amidst the spring green under the gray skies.  Its delicate petals will fall for a few more days, and the green leaves will remain until next spring when we can once again marvel at its short burst of white blossoms and delicate smell.

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