Barbed wire and weathered leaves

Weathered leaf_12586 StaateEvery Minnesotan found an excuse to be outside yesterday as the temperatures soared into the 50’s.  The sun was warm, the day was bright, and spring seemed just around the corner.  We headed out for a hike in the woods.  As we started out before 8:30 in the morning, the ground was still hard and frozen.  Within the woods, there was more snow on the ground, but as the morning continued and the temperature warmed, everything became softer.  The birds and squirrels were active, making their presence known, as if they too were enjoying this spring-like morning.  I found a large roll of barbed wire that had been left in the woods.  Amidst the tangle of wire, there were leaves that had fallen and been held in place by the snow.  Now they were weathered and delicate, leaving an amazing texture to their thinness.  The contrast seemed so opposite between the cold, hard barbed wire and the delicate, paper-thin leaves.

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