Butter carving at the Minnesota State Fair

Dairy princess in butter 13938_StaatsThe Minnesota State Fair ends it’s 2016 run tomorrow; a 12-day event filled with animals, rides, vendors, music, art displays, food on a stick, and millions of people gathering as summer winds down.  Minnesota has 3,000+ dairy farms and honors those in the industry with its own Dairy Princess.  There are numerous finalists from different counties around the state, and one princess is chosen to be Princess Kay of the Milky Way.  She and the other princesses serve as goodwill ambassadors for the dairy industry.  Since 1965 Linda Christensen has been spending each day of the fair in a 40 degree cooler carving a 90 pound block of butter into the likeness of Princess Kay and the 11 other princesses.  It takes Linda about six hours for each butter bust, requiring the princess and Linda to dress warmly and take breaks.  As the platform rotates inside the cooler, fair-goers can watch Linda’s skills and marvel at the sculptures she’s completed, all while savoring the malts, shakes, cones, and cheese curds that are sold right next to the cooler.  When the fair is complete, each princess gets to take home her own butter sculpture.  It is just one of the things that makes the Minnesota State Fair so special.

2 thoughts on “Butter carving at the Minnesota State Fair

  1. lauramacky September 5, 2016 / 10:06 am

    I’d never heard of a butter carving! Amazing.

  2. lindastaatsphoto September 5, 2016 / 10:50 am

    I’m glad to provide new information, Laura! Butter carving was new to me too when I first moved to Minnesota. It is really quite amazing. Thank you!

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