Tomato harvest

cherry-tomatoes-13944_staatsWe have a very small garden plot in our backyard – nothing special but some very fertile soil.  And we are now reaping the benefits of that with a plethora of cherry tomatoes.  Our plants took a beating in early summer when we had a big wind storm move through.  The vines were up and above the tomato cages when the storm blew through the back yard, causing the cages and vines to topple over.  With some stakes and twine we up righted them, although the vines were all entangled.  But that didn’t harm our harvest a bit.  It’s a pleasure to go out to the garden in the early morning and rummage through the vines and pick the ripe tomatoes, and even better to choose a few to go straight from the vine to my mouth.  They pop open with juiciness and the wonderful flavor of summer!

2 thoughts on “Tomato harvest

  1. Rex Hamann September 11, 2016 / 11:54 am

    Yes! Good for you to have planted cherry tomatoes. We’ve been planting them for a handful of years now and we’ve never had a worse harvest. The abundance of rain has cause so many of them to split open and spoil, even before picking. We’ve also had way too many fall to the ground after ripening, another thing I attribute to the high moisture content. We’ll still have plenty for our daily salad and will be happy we took the time and spent the energy on making sure we put plants in again this year. Enjoy!

    • lindastaatsphoto September 18, 2016 / 9:44 am

      Hi Rex – you’ve encapsulated our experience this summer too – splitting and falling. Somedays I felt that I threw out more tomatoes than I kept, but we’ve still had an abundance. And I’ve decided the cherry tomatoes are worth whatever real estate they take up in the garden; they’re so very representative of “summer” to me.

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