Flash of fall color

amur-maple-leaves-14624_staatsIt’s the time of year when the landscape changes daily.  The flashes of brilliant fall color are dwindling as the leaves are falling.  Our neighborhood block is filled with maple trees and they are in various stages of colors.  I set out today to do some raking of leaves in the yard.  They were scattered around, and were in multiple shades of yellow, orange, brown, and red.  But the best part of today’s chore was knowing that I didn’t need to rake up each and every leaf.  As colorful as the ground was, I looked above me and saw that many trees still have their leaves and their time will be coming soon to drop all those leaves in our yard.  And I will be raking again.  And again.  And again.  For now the task is enjoyable, but it will take on a more urgent call when snow and ice are in our forecast.

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