The end of fall

And just like that, Mother Nature has flipped a switch and we’re at the end of fall. It’s been a glorious and unusually long season this year in the upper Midwest but like all good things it has come to an end. Five days ago the wind was still, the sun was shining, and the only colors remaining were from the oaks with their remaining rusty leaves. Today the temperatures have fallen, the wind has removed any remaining leaves from the trees, and we have a forecast of snow.

Sometimes the change of seasons can be disconcerting to me, especially the ones where the days become shorter and the darkness becomes longer. But I’m reminded that just like the leaves that have fallen from the trees, it is all temporary. There will still be beauty in the coming season and days but it will be in a different palette – one of white – and the landscape will take on a new cloak of loveliness.

Winter’s arrival

Winter clothespins 7898_StaatsThe seasons change quickly, and so it was this past week.  Overnight we went from autumn to winter, with snow and ice and January-like temperatures.  Usually we have a teaser of a snowfall that quickly melts, but this week has had Minnesotans reaching for their dead-of-winter hats, coats, gloves, and snow shovels.  Many of the autumn chores were rushed or left undone, including these clothespins that became decorated with snow.  They clung desperately to the line as the wind rocked them back and forth, waiting patiently for someone to collect and store them until spring’s arrival next year.