Two exhibits in the Twin Cities area

My Midwest,Florabundant_StaatsI’m very happy to tell you about two exhibits that I have in the Twin Cities area.  The first is part of a group exhibit at Hudson Hospital in Hudson, Wisconsin.  My collection of photographs is titled “My Midwest.”  This group of images, including the first photograph above from the Boundary Waters in Minnesota, represent the beauty and diversity that I have found while living in the Midwest.  There will be an artists reception at Hudson Hospital this Friday, February 8th from 6:00 to 8:00pm.  You are welcome to come see my work as well as the work of other artists.  My photographs will be at Hudson Hospital through March 17, 2013.

The second exhibit is at St. Barnabas Lutheran Church in Plymouth, Minnesota.  This collection of images is titled “florabundant” and includes the lower photograph of a gaillardia.  These images all celebrate the color, radiance, and wonder that exists in the floral universe.  In contract to our winter landscape which is presently covered in white and devoid of any other colors right now, this collection is filled with the hues and brightness of spring, summer, autumn, and the whites of winter too.  This exhibit runs through the month of February.

The joy of library books

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday weekend I needed to return a book to the library.  For some reason whenever I return one book I always leave with multiple books — it’s just the way I do things.  Today I had a list of books I was hoping to find.  I knew I would be happy if just one of those books was available for check out.  But today was my lucky day as I found three of my hoped-for books on the shelves.  Not to be disappointed though, I found two other books that caught my eye.  With a smile on my face I breezed through the self check-out and walked out of the library into the afternoon sunshine.  I was surprised by the great feeling and happiness that I felt carrying my pile of books — I felt lucky and fortunate to appreciate the joy of reading and books.  You can tell a little bit about me by my selection of books.  I have photography books, books about the midwest plains, a couple of books about the canoe and boundary waters area of northern Minnesota, and a book about a woman who returns to her roots in Kansas (my native state).   So later this weekend you’ll likely find me relaxing on the deck with a cool drink and immersing myself in one or more of my library books.